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  • The waist is electric

The waist is electric

The waist is electric
  • The waist is electric
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from 100000 KZT
Country of manufacture:Bulgaria

Tal electric (telfer) of / p 0,5t NP =6-20m Vp =8m/mines

  • Group of an operating mode of M5 mechanisms (on ISO 4301/1)
  • Cranes are intended for operation in rooms or under a canopy
  • Ambient temperature from - 40C to + 40C
  • M/min speeds:

rise - 7,5
movements of a waist - 19,2

  • Sort of electric current, tension and number of phases:

power chain - three-phase 50 Hz 380B

  • Frequency rate of a polyspast 2/1
  • The minimum radius of turn of a way - 1 m
  • Load of a skating rink no more than 1,6 kN
Country of manufacture:Bulgaria
Type of drive:Electric
Type of traction mechanism:Cable
Way to move:Mobile
Pull: 5 Ton
Number of speeds:2
Load-lift capacity: 20 Ton
Lifting height:Normal
Type gear mechanism:Worm
Information is up-to-date: 21.02.2018

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